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Guy Gets Girl Review

Get Girls To Like You
... and Begging To Go Out With You:

With all the information about getting girls to like you, and making beautiful women want to go out with you, it can be hard to separate the BS from the tried and true methods for being successful with women.

Below I have reviewed information about the top three dating advice products, researching customer satisfaction, information quality, and the like, so that you can make an informed decision in choosing your path to dating greatness. I chose not to include the Alpha Male System in this comparison because it's more like a "how to get laid" manual, instead of a dating advice product. If that was what you were looking for, click here for more information on the Alpha Male System.

#1 First Product #2 Second Product #3 Third Product
Make Women Laugh
Website: www.MakeWomenLaugh.com
Price: $47
Quality: excellent
Support: excellent
Recommendation: Great for NLP fans

Guy Gets Girl
Website: www.GuyGetsGirl.com
Price: $49.95
Quality: excellent
Support: excellent
Recommendation: For All Skill Levels
28 Surefire Ways To Instant Dating Success
Website: www.InstantDatingSuccess.com
Price: $49.99
Quality: excellent
Support: excellent
Recommendation: For Self Confidence
Review: Review: Review:

Making someone laugh creates rapport, and increases their trust level in you. This technique, when used to get closer to women can only lead to good things.

The author, Martin Merrill claims to have tricks that enable men to have women laughing in seconds. He promises that, after reading his book, you will be the guy with the sense of humor that all women want.

Weighing in at 182 pdf pages, this is not a quick read, and will take some time and practice to master the techniques.

Bonus items include:

  • How to Talk to Any Woman
  • Flirting Mastery
  • Love Secrets
  • Logical Fallacies - achieving hypnotic persuasion through logical "loop-holes" of her mind.
  • One Liners that Work Every Time
  • Hilarious Quotes - I suspect this is where the instant laughs come from.

Humor combined with NLP (Neuro-Linguisic Programming) and Hypnosis are the key components of this book, and can be effective in getting that woman you want.

Right Click here to read a free chapter of Make Women Laugh.

8 week Money Back Guarantee

Originally written in 2003 and updated for 2007, this book has both up to date information, as well as 4 years of successful results. I'm always impressed when authors send you free updates.

Bonus Items Include:

  • The Truth about Penis Enlargement
  • The Definitive Micro Sex Guide - which includes positions and foreplay video clips
  • Secrets of a Sex Magnet
  • Conversation King
An upgraded package offered at $77 includes the basic package listed above, and the following extras:
  • Hypnodate
  • Orgasmology
  • Penis Advantage
This dating guide is a comprehensive package covering the dating world with conversation tips, pick up techniques, unlikely meeting spots, and ways to make men irrisistable to women.

This is considered the #1 e-book on Dating and Seduction.

8 Week Money Back Guarantee

I have to start by saying that the sales page for this book starts out dismally, offering an opt-in newsletter subscription form in order to get to the true sales page.

This put me off at first, but it did offer free techniques, and for the sake of this review, I subscribed.

17 authors of best-selling dating e-books joined their effort and created this dating advice guide. The book discusses ways to meet women both on and offline. Their technique for breaking through the "friend zone" was intriguing to me.

Bonus Items Include:
  • Periodical Real World Field Test Reports
  • How to Easily Approach and Pick Up Russian Women
  • How to Quickly and Easily Find the Love of Your Lifetime through Online Dating
  • Discover the Thought Process, Turn-ons, Turn-offs of Attractive, Desirable Women - From a Woman's Perspective
  • The Ultimate Secrets of Seduction
  • How to Get Women To Approach You
  • One-on-One Interview with Merrill Teemant, author of "Awesome Dating Ideas"

In this dating guide, single guys are essentially picking the brains of 17 top dating experts and learning how to meet and attract women, regardless of looks or money. The outcome is up to you and your willingness to apply the methods outlined in this book.

Somewhere in the 400+ pages, you're bound to find a technique that you haven't tried, but you may be so tired from reading that you need a nap to prepare... but if you need to get over your fear of approaching women, this one's for you.

8 Week Money Back Guarantee

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I Would Choose Guy Gets Girl, - Here's Why:

First of all, Guy Gets Girl was written by a woman. No one knows what women want to hear like another woman. (If you were having heart problems, would you ask a cardioligist, or a dermatologist for advice? Granted, it would have to be someone you could trust , but you get the point.)

Second, according to other reviews and opinions, this one works.

According to my research, this book has the lowest return rate, which tells you something.

The author of Guy Gets Girl helps men achieve success with women by revealing aspects of the female psychological make up that only a woman would know. This gives you a great advantage by understanding how women think about social situations, helping you to take advantage of this knowledge.

I am a woman, and as the one on the other side of the table, I wanted to find a dating advice product filled with techniques that would actually work on me in a dating situation. As I read the scenarios she presented, I found myself thinking about how I would respond, and you know what? She was right on the money.

So if you want to get girls to like you, or beautiful women to notice you, get Guy Gets Girl.

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